2020 Virtual Events Programme

Our new weekly webinar series has been designed to ensure you stay connected with what’s happening in the cancer research landscape. Learn and discover the latest breakthroughs, ongoing developments and research updates. Scroll down to find out more about each webinar and register your place for free. Make sure you check back regularly as we release more details about upcoming webinars!


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In conversation with…Eric Topol

Date: Wednesday 8 July 2020
Time: 16:30 -17:15 (BST)
Chair: Professor Tim Maughan, Chair of the NCRI Strategy Advisory Group

This session aims to explore lessons learnt during the COVID-19 pandemic and how cancer research could improve as a result. The discussion will focus on workforce and organisation as well as how the use of data and AI could be applied to improve patient outcomes. Known challenges and opportunities will be discussed with a view of offering potential solutions.

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In conversation with…William Foulkes

Date: Thursday 9 July 2020
Time: 13:30 -14:15 (BST)
Chair: Dr Jaine Blayney, Queen’s University Belfast

Join William Foulkes as he discusses inherited predisposition to cancer. The discussion will cover our current understanding of the genetics of various cancers and consider the risk of inherited mutations, reflecting on the role of policy in the context of prevention, screening and early detection. Consideration will be given to the potential of data and AI, using exemplars such as genome-wide characterisation of patients with multiples primary tumours to identify their genetic predisposing factors.

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In conversation with…Patricia Ganz

Date: Wednesday 29 July 2020
Time: 16:30 -17:15 (BST)
Chair: Dr Alexandra Gilbert, University of Leeds

Join Patricia Ganz as she considers the assessment of the quality of life in cancer patients, using breast cancer as an exemplar. The discussion will cover important topics such as cancer survivorship and late effects of cancer treatment, cancer in the elderly and quality of care for cancer patients. Consideration will be given to the similarities and differences between the US and UK systems, and focus on how patients’ needs are given centre stage.

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