We have scheduled a programme of virtual events to keep the cancer research community connected whilst face-to-face events cannot run during this unprecedented and challenging time. These events provide a platform for basic scientists, translational researchers and clinicians to come together and learn from one another. Scroll down to find out more and get in touch to discuss your requirements.

NCRI Virtual Events

Your organisation has the opportunity to support a number of exciting events we already have planned in 2022, including the sessions that are included in our event series NCRI Prime 2022/23. Or you can work with us to showcase your own developments and breakthroughs by providing a sponsored session. Take a look at our brochure below for more details.

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Get in touch

Choose from our sponsorship packages or get in touch to explore a tailored combination that best suits your organisation’s needs. Contact our Sponsorship and Exhibition Manager – Ashley Webb to discuss your requirements:

T: +44 (0)20 3469 6204
E: events@ncri.org.uk