Abdel Douiri

King's College London, UK

Abdel Douiri is a Senior Lecturer in Medical Statistics at King’s College London (KCL). Abdel obtained his Msc degree in numerical analysis and a PhD in signal processing, in Paris, France. His research interests focus on statistical and mathematical models and methods applied to medical research projects, including clinical trials design and epidemiology. He has a strong interest in the area of diagnostic tests, predictive models and decision trees and their application in public health, with particular application to stroke, cognitive impairments and other long term conditions. He has been involved in a variety of research projects with world leading research laboratories, in both academia and industry. Since July 2009, he lectures in the Department Of Primary Care And Public Health Sciences, teaching statistics for both undergraduate medical students and postgraduate students on the Masters of Public Health. He is also a statistical consultant with the Biomedical Research Centre, the Research Design Service London, and King’s College Hospital.