Why 3D imaging in preclinical trials is a step forward for cancer research – Fuel3D Sponsored session

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Room: Boisdale

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6th November: Using 3D scanning to standardise the measurement of subcutaneous tumours (Dr. Juan Delgado and Andrew Smith)

This session will look at how the use of 3D imaging will transform cancer research and ultimately speed up drug development by improving the transparency and veracity of data collected and stored in pre-clinical trials.

For decades handheld callipers have been used to measure subcutaneous tumour growth and response to drug therapy, yet research shows this can result in repeat studies due to data inaccuracies. With pressure increasing from regulatory bodies to improve research standards and animal welfare, pharmaceutical companies, CROs and academic institutions are turning to 3D imaging.

Fuel3D’s BioVolume™ platform has been co-developed with the pharmaceutical industry and is currently being evaluated in the labs of the biggest global pharmaceutical companies and institutes in Europe and America. This presentation will show how it can improve the accuracy, traceability and reproducibility of laboratory data so that better decisions can be made at the earliest stages of drug discovery. It will also examine the benefits to animal welfare in accordance with the 3Rs (Refinement, Reduction and Replacement).