What’s hot in basic research? Part 1


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Along with the ever-popular Clinical Trials Showcase, this year the Conference programme will feature the inaugural ‘What’s hot in basic science?’ sessions taking place on Monday and Tuesday of the Conference. These sessions will feature talks highlighting some of the most exciting new work across all the conference themes this year.

Speakers include Val Weaver from the University of California, San Francisco who will discuss work on how extracellular matrix and stiffness drives cancer signalling pathways while Cathrin Brisken (EPFL, Switzerland) will focus on how the precise microevironment – both epithelial and stroma – can drive EMT and tumour phenotypes.

We will also have a talk on the latest work on pioneer factors, hormonal signalling in breast cancer presented by Jason Carroll, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, and Andrea Sottoriva from The Institute of Cancer Research will give the latest update on where we are with tumour evolution (neutral drift versus selection).

These talks are designed to update attendees on some of the most important recent research findings and provide an opportunity to discuss some unanswered questions.