The primary prevention of cancer: The role of diet, nutrition and physical activity

Host: Kate Allen, WCRF International
Host: Linda Bauld, Cancer Research UK and University of Stirling


Room: Room 3A

Four in ten cases of cancer in the UK are preventable and most are due to behavioural risk factors that can be modified. In non-smokers, overweight and obesity is the single biggest preventable cause and can be addressed through changes in diet, nutrition and physical activity. There is currently a range of studies that examine the mechanisms underpinning these preventable cancers and policies and interventions to promote healthy diets and physical activity and this session will outline the latest findings on these issues, identify gaps and discuss opportunities for future research and policy in the UK and internationally.

Confirmed speakers:
Martin Wiseman, WCRF International and University of Southampton, UK
Paul Aveyard, University of Oxford, UK
Marc Gunter, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), France
Jyotsna Vohra, Cancer Research UK

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