The new tide in chemotherapy – Nucana sponsored session

12:50 pm-1:50 pm

Room: Dochart

Programme session type(s): Sponsored session

Chair: Juan Valle, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust
Speaker: Jeff Evans, University of Glasgow
Speaker: Sarah Blagden, University of Oxford
Sponsored by:

This session is sponsored by Nucana.

The past decade has seen some exciting developments in the treatment of cancer. Molecularly targeted therapies to exploit genetic vulnerabilities, immunotherapies that manipulate the immune system, and biotherapeutic approaches utilising monoclonal antibodies or cell therapies have all attracted a great deal of interest. However, while these areas continue to evolve, chemotherapy remains the backbone of treatment for the majority of patients living with cancer. It is critical that we advance the development of cytotoxic agents with the aim of making them more efficacious, safer and convenient to help patients live longer, better lives. With the use of ProTide technology, NuCana are focused on doing exactly this, by transforming some of the most widely prescribed chemotherapy agents into more effective and safer medicines.

This session will be of benefit to patients, researchers and clinicians who are interested in learning more about a new class of anti-cancer agents that are specifically designed to overcome key cancer resistance mechanisms and improve survival outcomes for patients with cancer.