The changing tide of cancer drug discovery – phenotypic screening and patient derived cellular models

Host: Rajesh Chopra, Institute of Cancer Research, UK


Room: Room 11

Speakers will discuss non-traditional modes of drug discovery, with some focus on phenotypic screening (including discussion of the National Phenotypic Screening Centre), novel methods for performing, interpreting (image informatics) and deconvoluting the targets from such screens, and new complex cellular models that may represent better disease pathophysiology. There will also be discussion of how these ‘alternate’ approaches will integrate and dovetail with traditional drug discovery operating models to enhance the efficiency of drug discovery.

Confirmed speakers:
Neil Carragher, Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre, UK
Mathew Garnett, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK
Ralph Minter, Medimmune, UK

Towards Next-Generation Cancer Cell Culture Models
Metastatic Colorectal Cancer (mCRC) Patient Derived Organoids (PDOs) as a preclinical tool to understand mechanisms of resistance to anti-angiogenic drugs
Patient-derived organotypic 3D cultures from tissue and liquid biopsies reflect intra-tumor heterogeneity in advanced prostate cancer
Phenotypic screening for novel antibody targets in the tumour microenvironment
Phenomics Drug Discovery: A new era of empirical cancer drug discovery