Silent Theatre presentations

Programme stream(s): Silent theatre
Programme session type(s): No session type

4:05 pm-4:30 pm

Room: Silent theatre 1 - Hall 4

These theatres provide an area for accepted abstract submitters to present their research in 5 minute presentations.

The abstract presentations in this session are:

16:05 – Md. Shahid Sarwar, Exploring the mechanism of action of a novel ent-kaurene diterpenoid for the treatment of colon cancer

16.11 – Gemma Pearce, Successes and challenges in the implementation of the HOPE self-management programme for people living with and beyond cancer.

16.16 – Gareth Gerrard, Clinical Diagnostic Validation of cfDNA Stabilising Blood Collection Tubes using Synthetic Control Materials for Plasma-Based EGFR T790M Mutation Testing in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

16.21 – Diana Pelka, Clinical Diagnostic Validation of the Promega MSI v1.2 System for Microsatellite Instability Testing in Solid Tumours and Early-Access Evaluation of Improved PCR Mastermix and Workflow