Silent Theatre presentations

Programme stream(s): Silent theatre
Programme session type(s): No session type

12:40 pm-1:55 pm

Room: Silent theatre 1 - Hall 4

These theatres provide an area for accepted abstract submitters to present their research in 5 minute presentations.

The abstract presentations in this session are:

12.40 – Ahmad Malik, Identification of therapeutic targets for Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HNSCC)

12.45 – Alan Cameron, Cisplatin-induced kidney injury is transient and associated with short-term elevation of urine interleukin-18 in patients with testicular cancer

12.52 – June Davis, Making the case for prehabilitation in cancer care – An evidence and insight review

12.58 – Kezia Gaitskell, Pre-diagnostic BMI and ovarian cancer survival in the Million Women Study

13.04 – Samuel O. Azubuike, Socioeconomic status and the risk of breast cancer among Nigerian women.

13.10 – Rachael Thorneloe, Beliefs about medication and uptake of preventive therapy in women at increased risk of breast cancer: Results from a multi-centre prospective study

13.16 – Yun Yi Tan, Dental pre-assessment prior to bisphosphonates for breast cancer: a quality improvement project in Glasgow

13.22 – Katie Robb, Impact of long-term disorders on cancer screening uptake

13.38 – Yunpeng Liu, Regulatory heterogeneity in glioblastoma multiforme informs novel drug target discovery

13.34 – Kean Lee Kang, Unsupervised machine learning of integrated health and social care data from the Macmillan Improving the Cancer Journey service in Glasgow

13.40 – Rachel White, Identifying and counting people living with treatable but not curable cancer in the England cancer registry

13. 46 – Faye Robertson, Wnt/beta-catenin synergises with FOXG1 to drive exit from quiescence in neural stem cells, including glioblastoma stem cells