Silent Theatre presentations

Programme stream(s): Silent theatre
Programme session type(s): No session type

7:40 pm-9:00 pm

Room: Silent theatre 1 - Hall 4

These theatres provide an area for accepted abstract submitters to present their research in 5 minute presentations.

The abstract presentations in this session are:

19.40 – Tamir Chandra, Notch signalling is essential for secondary senescence and confers a facultative senescence end point in primary cells

19.46 – Dorothy Yang, Trends in mortality from malignant melanoma: an observational study of the World Health Organisation mortality database from 1985 to 2015

19.52 – Paul McNulty, European Cancer Incidence is Significantly Reduced in Huntington’s Disease Patients – Unravelling it’s Protective Mechanisms.

19.58 – Michela Raponi, Tackling the Tgf-beta paradox via engineered organoids

20.04 – Patrizia Cammareri, Defining novel mechanisms critical for colorectal tumourigenesis

20.10 – Vignir Helgason, Identification and targeting of metabolic vulnerabilities in leukaemic stem cells using integrated omic approach

20.16 – Adam Hall, Investigating the role of dysregulated RNA splicing in colorectal cancer initiation and progression

20:22 – Lenoj Kanageswaran, Exploring the barriers and facilitators to uptake of colorectal screening within ethnic minority groups

20.28 – Withdrawn

20.34 – Kathryn Pennel, Phenotypic Subtyping of Matched Primary Colonic Tumours and Liver Metastases

20.40 – Victoria Fashina, National systemic anti-cancer therapy (SACT) regimen specific consent forms – Uptake and Development

20.46 – Gabriel Rosa, Overcoming chemoresistance in osteosarcoma: the role of autophagy in cell death or survival following chemotherapy

20.52 – Stelios Chrysostomou, Targeting RSK4 prevents both chemoresistance and metastasis in lung cancer