Robots: Hype or game-changers, including NIHR CREST Award presentation

11:00 am-1:00 pm

Room: Alsh

Programme stream(s): Treatment
Programme session type(s): Parallel session

Chair: Terry Jones, University of Liverpool and Aintree University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Speaker: Freddie Hamdy, University of Oxford
Speaker: Chris Holsinger, Stanford University, California, USA
Speaker: Peter McCulloch, University of Oxford
Speaker: Richard Shaw, National Institute for Health Research
Speaker: Shamaila Anwar, National Institute for Health Research

The use of robotic technology in surgical practice has expanded exponentially over recent years, despite a dearth of evidence as to its cost-effectiveness and adaptability to specific surgical scenarios.
This expansion is fueled by aggressive marketing, surgical enthusiasm for new technology, media hyperbole, perceived attractiveness by patients as well as by market –driven healthcare systems: A situation analogous to proton beam therapy.
This session will include talks from three international experts in the field of robotic surgery. They will be tasked to highlight the evidence of the use of robots in their particular fields, with particular emphasis on empirical data confirming or refuting their usefulness. Following these presentations there will be an interactive panel/audience debate on the subject.

The session will conclude with an update on Surgical Oncology Trials and the presentation of the NIHR CREST Award (Cancer Research Excellence in Surgical Trials) 2019.

Whilst the session will primarily be for consultant & trainee surgeons it should also attract oncologists who work in fields where robotic surgery is an integral part of patient management. Moreover, it is anticipated that the general interest in the subject, and the accessibility of the subject talks will be of general interest to many other conference attendees.

It is hoped that achieving this latter aim, in particular, will be aided by the profile of the speakers we intend to invite.