Recent advances in cancer immunology and immunotherapy

Chair: Sergio Quezada, University College London, UK
Speaker: Nicholas McGranahan, Francis Crick Institute, UK
Speaker: Burkhard Becher, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Speaker: Sine Reker Hadrup, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark


Room: Alsh

The field of cancer immunology and immunotherapy is moving at a fast pace. In recent years we have seen a greater effort in multidisciplinary approaches aiming to understand cancer and immune cell co-evolution, response and resistance to therapy and to use that information to develop novel cutting edge therapeutics. This session will highlight the most recent work in this three areas of research within this exciting and rapidly evolving field. By the end of this session, delegates will: – Learn basic and translational aspect of cancer immunology including: 1. The use of bioinformatics and clinical samples to understand cancer and immune cell interactions in vivo 2. Development of novel biomarkers of response 3. Development of novel cancer immunotherapies.