Quality of Life – from PROMs to ICERs

Host: Lesley Fallowfield, University of Sussex


Room: Room 3B

Quality of life was once an afterthought for a drug study. It has become well established as a key provider of health information indicating patient benefit. It also underpins the NICE appraisal process, helping calculate the Incremental Cost Effectiveness Ration (ICER) which helps settle the future for a drug on the NHS. QoL is growing, with Patient Reported Outcome Measures a key development. As drug regulation finds new ways forward it is important to understand the evolution of QoL and how it is becoming far less of an afterthought than it once was.

Confirmed speakers:
Andrew Bottomley, EORTC, Belgium
Melanie Calvert, CPROR, University of Birmingham, UK
John E Ware, Quantitative Health Sciences Department, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Roger Wilson, NCRI Consumer Forum

Challenges and opportunities for quality of life and symptom assessment in cancer clinical trials
EORTC Perspectives on QOL in clinical trials
Advances in the measurement of patient-reported outcomes