Pancreatic cancer: Genomics, stroma and the immune environment

Host: Juan Valle, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust


Room: Default Location

Pancreatic cancer remains a major therapeutic challenge; in the past year funders have made major investments in this disease, for example with the Precision-Panc initiative. . This will be a UK-wide platform aiming to transform the clinical research paradigm for this disease. This session will focus on three strands:

1) insights in understanding the genomic background underpinning pancreatic cancer
2) ongoing study of the interaction between tumour and stroma and
3) the impact of the immune environment

These themes will be considered from the perspective of bench-side through to informing the design of future clinical trials, ultimately aimed at improving patient outcomes. As a result of this session, participants will:

1) understand the genomic heterogeneity of pancreatic cancer and the potential for targeting sub-groups of patients based on this assessment
2) be introduced to the concept that cancer cells do not function alone, rather have a dynamic relationship with
a) stroma
b) immune environment
3) be challenged to encourage patients to participate in the Precision-Panc initiative