Myeloid innate immunity

Chair: Jeffrey Pollard, University of Edinburgh, UK
Speaker: Michael Schmid, University of Liverpool, UK
Speaker: Fran Balkwill, Barts Cancer Institute, UK
Speaker: Miki De Palma, Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research, Switzerland


Room: Boisdale

Despite the increasing success of novel cancer immunotherapies (ITX), unfortunately a substantial number of patients do not benefit from these therapies as they do not respond or develop resistance. Recent studies in disease models and patients have identified myeloid cells with immunoregulatory activity (MRCs) in the tumor microenvironment (TME) as a key player limiting anti-tumor immunity and the efficacy of modern ITXs. These cells are mostly myeloid in origin and therefore can be targeted to improve therapy. This session will present data on their pro-tumoral activities and ways to target or reverse these functions. By the end of the session participants will learn the definitions of myeloid cells in the TME and their pro-tumoral phenotypes. Therapeutics to target them will be explained and the drawbacks considered. Combination therapies with ITX will also be discussed.