mTOR and signalling in cancer

5:05 pm-6:35 pm

Room: Dochart

Programme stream(s): Cancer discovery / underpinning research , Treatment
Programme session type(s): Parallel session

Chair: Martin Bushell, CRUK Beatson Institute
Speaker: Kun-Liang Guan, University of California San Diego, USA
Speaker: Simon Cook, Babraham Institute, Cambridge
Speaker: Arafath Najumudeen, CRUK Beatson Institute

The mTOR-signaling pathway is the master regulator of cell cycle and component of this pathway are frequently altered at the genomic level in many cancers. This signaling pathway is critical in determining nutrient availability and to couple this to cell cycle control. Over the past few years major new advances in how nutrients are sensed and signal into mTOR have transformed our understanding and uncovered new targetable points for the treatment of cancer. This session will bring together the world-leaders in this field whom have been instrumental in uncovering these new aspects of mTOR-signaling and discuss their implications for cancer research and treatment.