Molecular imaging and theranostics

Host: Wim Oyen, Institute of Cancer Research, UK


Room: Hall 1B

The session will address molecular imaging (MI) approaches for diagnosis and targeted systemic radiotherapy at various stages of clinical development.

The session will include presentations on:
– Non-isotope based MI (optica, photoacoustic, hyperpolarized MR)
– PSMA targeting in prostate cancer patients using PSMA-binding radiolabeled molecules
– The evidence-based role of FDG-PET/CT for staging, risk-stratification and early monitoring of response in patients with malignant lymphoma

Confirmed speakers:
Sally Barrington, King’s College London
Sarah Bohndiek, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
Matthias Eiber, Technische Universität München

PET for staging, risk stratification and guiding therapy in lymphoma
PSMA targeting in prostate cancer