Measuring what matters to healthcare professionals, patients and service providers

Chair: Lesley Fallowfield, University of Sussex, UK
Speaker: Derek Kyte, University of Birmingham, UK
Speaker: David Cella, CORE Core Outcomes Research Centre, Chicago, USA
Speaker: Jane Blazeby, University of Bristol, UK


Room: Alsh

Although most now acknowledge and recognise the importance of including assessment of patient reported outcomes (PROs) or Quality of Life measures into clinical treatment trials, many problems remain. Firstly choice of measure is frequently inappropriate and often statistical analysis and interpretation somewhat naïve. Secondly PRO data that should assist shared decision-making about treatment options and/or be used to populate decision aids is not always available or understood sufficiently by either HCPs or patients. PROs are rarely seen as primary trial endpoints even when appropriate. Finally adoption of validated PRO measures outwith the trial setting should form part of the electronic record.