The evolution of immuno-oncology biomarkers – Scientific symposium provided by Bristol-Myers Squibb


Room: Room 3A

Sponsored by:
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Since it was first demonstrated that immune checkpoint inhibitors induced antitumour activity in some patients with advanced cancer, this treatment modality has evolved and expanded substantially. Immuno-oncology agents are now approved for several types of cancer and under evaluation in many more. While data show these agents improve survival for some patients, clinicians and researchers are striving to understand how to select patients for therapy, with the goal of improving outcomes.

The complex immunobiology of the host-tumour interaction makes identifying immuno-oncology biomarkers challenging. A range of host and tumour factors are under evaluation, and progress is being made. At this symposium, Professor Jeff Evans (University of Glasgow) will discuss our understanding of biomarkers and the clinical need driving their identification. Professor Gareth Thomas (University of Southampton) will then review the genes, mutations, molecules, and other factors under consideration as potential biomarkers and the data and new technologies supporting their evaluation. Finally, Professor Alan Melcher (The Institute of Cancer Research) will explain the types of challenges faced when moving a new biomarker from principle into clinical practice. We hope you will join us at the 2017 NCRI Cancer Conference for this informative event.

For healthcare professionals and scientific researchers only.

August 2017