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18/01/2019 19:45-18/01/2019 20:55

Room: Igloo - Hall 4

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19.45 – 19.55 – Promega UK
MSI as a Biomarker for Colorectal Cancer, Lynch syndrome and Immunotherapeutic Research.
Speaker: Shaun Peterson – Global Commercialization Marketing Manager – Clinical Diagnostics
Microsatellite Instability has become an increasingly relevant tool in genetic and immuo-oncology research. Deficiencies in DNA mismatch repair (dMMR) can be caused by hereditary, germline mutations or hypermethylation. Either mechanism disrupts expression of functional MMR proteins, allowing replication errors to accumulate across the genome. Global genomic mutations disrupt normal cellular function and can lead to unchecked growth and cancers, but also produces novel proteins. These “foreign” proteins can be immunogenic, recruiting immune effector cells to that tissue. Mononucleotide repeat microsatellite sequences are particularly sensitive to replication errors (mutation) and can be the first evidence of an MMR deficiency.