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4:05 pm-4:30 pm

Room: Igloo - Hall 4


16.05 – 16.15 – NIHR
Making the UK a global leader in palliative care research by 2022
Speaker: Professor Sam Ahmedzai
Investment in cancer research remains a priority – last year over 1,000 cancer research studies were carried out with the support of the NIHR.
Whereas much of the headline-grabbing research is centred on advances in cancer treatments and usually takes place in the hospital setting, there is a recognised need for research to improve the quality of life of patients (and their carers) once they have finished their treatment and have often left the hospital setting. This includes supportive and palliative care research and the NIHR and a number of charities are increasingly focusing funding and support towards research in this important aspect of cancer patients’ journeys. However, there is still much to do to improve the evidence base and to engage clinicians working in the community setting to contribute to this research endeavour.
The NIHR and a number of charities have established a Consortium for Hospice and Community Care Research to provide strategic leadership in this area with the aim of making the UK a global leader in the area of hospice and community research by 2022. Professor Sam Ahmedzai, the NIHR’s National Specialty Lead for Cancer: Supportive Care and Community-based Research, states that despite the vast improvements in care that have been made as a result of cancer research, we must not get complacent when it comes to palliative care services, and continue to look at ways of improving these services to ensure that the best possible care is being delivered to patients.

16.20 – 16.30 – Cancer Research UK presents ‘ Brexit: update on Cancer Research UK’s Policy work’
Speaker: Emma Greenwood, Director of Policy and Public Affairs