Dragons’ den

1:00 pm-2:00 pm

Room: M1

Led by members of the NCRI Consumer Forum, this session offers the opportunity for researchers to discuss ideas with or pitch research projects to small panels of knowledgeable patients and carers who are already involved in research – the friendliest and most helpful Dragons you will ever meet.

The Dragons’ den offers practical on-the-spot help and advice for researchers seeking patients and carers’ input to their study proposal, at any stage of the research process. The Dragons will provide advice on the design, approval, funding and delivery of research studies, as well as adding quality to the research itself, and disseminating the results.

This session will:

1. Offer researchers input from patients and carers on their study proposal, or their views on ideas being formulated.

2. Allow researchers to gain experience in presenting their research idea to a lay audience and facilitate discussions about their research.

3. Offer researchers the opportunity to engage and involve patients and carers more effectively and productively in future, and offer patients and carers the opportunity to support research more effectively and productively.

To find out how to present your research at this session, please download this PDF for more information.