Don’t quit on us: The next steps to prevent smoking related cancers

Host: Alison Cox, Cancer Research UK


Room: Room 3A

Smoking is the biggest preventable risk factor for cancer in the UK. Therefore, more work needs to be done to support smoking cessation for current smokers. This session will outline key epidemiological, behavioural and policy research that is being undertaken in this area. The speakers will discuss the impact of tobacco on both cancer incidence and outcomes beyond just lung cancer; the effectiveness of different smoking cessation measures including Stop Smoking Services and e-cigarettes; and how this research, alongside evidence of stark local smoking cessation budget cuts, is feeding into Cancer Research UK’s “Don’t Quit on Us” campaign.

Confirmed speakers;
Kamran Siddiqi, University of York, UK
Linda Bauld, Stirling University and Cancer Research UK
Leonie Brose, King’s College London, UK

Different smoking cessation options and their effectiveness, including Stop Smoking Services and e-cigarettes
Epidemiological research showing that tobacco use is the largest preventable cause of cancer - including types of cancer beyond just lung cancer