Digital interventions for cancer prevention and control

2:00 pm-3:30 pm

Room: Dochart

Programme stream(s): Prevention
Programme session type(s): Parallel session

Chair: Linda Bauld, University of Edinburgh
Chair: Jyotsna Vohra, Cancer Research UK
Speaker: Julia Hippisley-Cox, Nuffied Dept Primary Care Health Sciences
Speaker: Zarnie Khadjesari, University of East Anglia
Speaker: Eric Hekler, University of California San Diego, USA

Digital health tools (such as telehealth platforms, patient portals/electronic health records, wearable devices, and mobile apps) can facilitate collection of health data at the level of the home, community or health system. Digital tools can support the exchange of health information between consumers, providers and systems, enable health decision making, and facilitate positive health behaviour change (including smoking cessation, weight loss, reducing alcohol consumption). However, few research-tested interventions have been widely disseminated, commercialised or implemented at the systems level. A number of new studies are investigating these issues and will be the focus of this session. Participants will develop an understanding of how digital interventions operate in primary care and community settings including an introduction to new technologies that may be more widely used in the future. The session will also outline findings from studies examining the implementation of digital interventions and how they can support behaviour change to support cancer prevention and control.