Consumer Forum Meeting

12:50 pm-1:50 pm

Room: M1

Programme session type(s): NCRI session

Chair: Emma Kinloch, NCRI Consumer Forum Lead

The NCRI Consumer Forum is a vibrant and collaborative community of all the patients and carers (“Consumers”) who work with NCRI as partners in cancer research; exchanging knowledge and expertise in a coordinated way. The NCRI Consumer Forum meeting at Conference is an open meeting; we welcome anyone with an interest in Consumer Involvement, especially those for whom it may be a new experience..

The format of the meeting is usually a presentation on a topical issue followed by group discussions and some feedback, and where we can, we cover two topics, one “strategic” and one more personal. In recent years meetings have informed strategy development for the NCRI, for NHS England’s cancer experience team, and the National Cancer Strategy itself. Meetings have also developed metrics for patient and public involvement in cancer research, designed an app, “My Clinical Trial” (with AstraZeneca and The Christie), and considered issues around post-mortem tissue donation. Discussions are always lively, with contributions well-considered and well-informed. We welcome all voices with something to say, and all ears that wish to listen.