Bench to bedside: CAR T-cells

5:05 pm-6:35 pm

Room: Alsh

Programme stream(s): Cancer discovery / underpinning research , Treatment
Programme session type(s): Parallel session

Chair: John Maher, Kings College London
Speaker: Renier Brentjens, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA
Speaker: Reuben Benjamin, Kings College London
Speaker: Anastasios Karadimitris, Imperial College London

Three presentations will encompass the spectrum of CD19 CAR T-cell research currently ongoing from
• clinical trials using off the shelf (genome edited) T-cells
• translational research using next generation CAR approaches such as armoured CAR T-cells
• basic research involving the use of alternative immune effector populations (NKT cells) as host cells for CD19 CARs