BASO~ACS BJS Proffered Prize Paper session: Breast surgery

Host: Michael Douek, BASO~ACS
Host: Robert Kirby, BASO~ACS


Room: Room 11B

Quality of life of elderly women with early breast cancer following surgery
Population-based Study of Factors Influencing Invasive Breast Cancer Risk after Screen-detected Ductal Carcinoma in Situ: First results from the Non-Invasive Breast Cancer in England (NINBE) Study
The impact of effective systemic therapies on surgery for stage IV metastatic melanoma.
Does immediate breast reconstruction delay delivery of adjuvant treatment? First results of the iBRA-2 prospective multicentre cohort study
BRCA1 risk-reducing surgery appears to reduce risk of developing breast cancer
BRCA2 patients develop breast cancer at the same stage as BRCA1 however develop ovarian cancer at a later stage