Advances in acute leukaemias – Scientific Symposium provided by Jazz Pharmaceuticals


Room: Room 2N

Sponsored by:
Jazz Pharmaceuticals

This scientific symposium provides an opportunity for attendees to hear about the latest advances in the management of acute leukaemias as well as emerging agents and regimens for the treatment of both AML and ALL.

Symposium attendees will enjoy engaging talks from two internationally renowned acute leukaemia experts.

Professor David Marks from Bristol will discuss the developments in ALL, highlighting the current hot topics in the field, and relating his clinical experience with the new agents.

Professor Nigel Russell from Nottingham will then discuss developments in AML, focusing on the different agents in development and nearing regulatory approval.

This engaging meeting will enable you to hear about the cutting edge of advances in acute leukaemias from two experts in the field, and is not to be missed