The changing paradigm of lymphoma therapy

Host: Andrew Pettitt, University of Liverpool


Room: Room 2N

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Lymphomas are diseases that generally respond well to immuno-chemotherapy with associated good outcomes. This session will explore the changing paradigm of lymphoma therapy. Firstly the use of response adapted treatments that improve outcomes whilst minimizing exposure to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Secondly there has been an explosion in novel targeted therapies which are leading to effective chemotherapy free regimens that have the potential to move into the frontline very soon. Finally high dose therapy followed by transplantation is a standard approach for some relapsed lymphomas. Chimeric antigen receptor T (CAR-T) cell therapy is possibly set to challenge this approach.

Confirmed speakers:
Graham Collins, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Andrew Davies, University of Southampton
Karl Peggs, University College Hospital, London

CART cell immunotherapy for lymphoma
Introducing targeted therapies into lymphoma management