Addressing the known unknowns in cancer immunotherapy and patient care – an introduction to the BSI-NCRI Partnership

12:40 pm-1:00 pm

Room: Igloo - Hall 4

Programme session type(s): Igloo

Speaker: Alexander Renziehausen, National Cancer Research Institute
Speaker: Doug Brown, British Society for Immunology

The NCRI have formed a partnership with the British Society for Immunology (BSI) to bring the immunology and cancer research communities together through a series of joint initiatives aimed at facilitating collaborations and addressing challenges in immunotherapy. The BSI is the leading UK membership organisation working with scientists and clinicians to forward immunology research and application. With immunology at the forefront of many areas of innovation within the cancer field, a central ambition of our partnership is to create an environment to speed up discovery and knowledge transfer to bring positive change to people living with cancer. Come to this session to learn more about the BSI and to input into the planned activities of the BSI-NCRI Partnership.