Start: 09 Nov 2021, 13:00
End: 09 Nov 2021, 14:00

Chair: Professor Sarah Danson, University of Sheffield, UK
Chair: Professor Suneil Jain, Queen's University Belfast, UK
Speaker: Ms Sigourney Bell, Black in Cancer and University of Cambridge, UK
Speaker: Dr Carmen Guerra, Perelman School of Medicine, USA
Speaker: Ms Michelle Mitchell, Cancer Research UK, UK
Speaker: Dr Chris Toseland, University of Sheffield, UK

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened many inequalities in healthcare including patients and healthcare workers from ethnic minorities being adversely affected by the virus, and global health inequalities increasing going forward (largely due to differential access to vaccinations). It has also affected women’s careers in healthcare and research workforces, as they have had to take on most of the childcare responsibilities.

In this session, speakers will focus on gender inequality and ethnicity, particularly highlighting challenges for early career researchers (ECRs). There will be an interactive panel discussion to discuss examples of successful solutions that could be incorporated into the workplace to reduce inequality in the future. Results from interventions that have increased recruitment of black patients to clinical trials using community outreach and engagement activities will also be discussed, as well as potential solutions to increase the number and proportion of female ECRs in cancer research.

Session labels:

Allied Health Professionals Clinicians Live Nurses Panel Patient experts Policy Staff Primary Care Physicians Research Administrators Scientists Students Surgeons Trainees / Early career researchers