Start: 09 Nov 2021, 17:30
End: 09 Nov 2021, 18:30

Chair: Professor Alan Jackson, University of Southampton, UK
Speaker: Ms Marbellys Bayne-Azcarate, NCRI Consumer Forum, UK
Speaker: Professor Stephen Hursting, University of North Carolina, USA
Speaker: Dr Ana Rita da Silva Ferreira, University in Groningen, Netherlands

There is increasing literature on the composition and putative influence of the gut microbiome in many areas of medical research. In cancer, evidence suggests that the microbiome may influence cancer growth and response to treatment. But it is not clear what is the association, or cause and effect? We are even less clear about what clinicians or patients can do to influence the microbiome.

This session, chaired by an eminent clinical nutrition expert, will invite a team of researchers to convince each other and more importantly, a patient representative, about how their area of work has contributed to our understanding. Participants will gain insight into current microbiome research (with respect to cancer), understand the limitations of current knowledge and misinterpretations of previous work, and appreciate what further studies need to be done to bring useful answers to the clinic.

Session labels:

Allied Health Professionals Clinicians Live Living with and beyond cancer Nurses Panel Patient experts Policy Staff Prevention and early detection Primary Care Physicians Scientists Students Trainees / Early career researchers