Start: 11 Nov 2021, 15:45
End: 11 Nov 2021, 16:45

Chair: Ms Emma Kinloch, NCRI Consumer Forum Chair, UK

This session will focus on how NCRI and NCRI Consumers (Patients and carers formally involved in cancer research) can help industry and researchers at the various stages of drug development. Since the establishment of the Government’s new Life Science Strategy and the NIHR’s new strategy for clinical research, NCRI Consumers have continued to play a pivotal role in all stages of finding and developing new cancer medicines. In this session delegates will learn more about NCRI Consumers’ contributions and success stories, as well as what’s to come and lessons learned. Panellists will cover opportunities and challenges and signpost practical resources to get patient and public involvement into commercial or academic research projects. This session is a must attend for anyone working in cancer drug discovery and development.