Start: 10 Nov 2021, 17:15
End: 10 Nov 2021, 18:15

Chair: Professor Richard Houlston, The Institute of Cancer Research, UK


Abstract title: The spatial landscape of clonal expansion by confined somatic mutations in benign and malignant tissue
Presenting author: Andrew Erickson

Abstract title: A novel mechanism promotes actin patch formation to prevent chromatin bridge breakage in cytokinesis
Presenting author: Sofia Balafouti

Abstract title: An ex vivo functional assay suite determines that ovarian tumour DNA damage response pathway signatures are heterogeneous and classify patient outcomes in ovarian cancer
Presenting author: Thomas Walker

Abstract title: The role of genomic profiling by FoundationOne Liquid biopsy in matching patients to targeted early phase drug trials
Presenting author: Laura Fitzgerald

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Allied Health Professionals Clinicians Discovery / underpinning research Gynaecological Live Nurses Patient experts Prevention and early detection Proffered papers Scientists Students Trainees / Early career researchers Treatment