Patient and carer feedback from the 2014 NCRI Cancer Conference

What they thought about the Conference

“Fantastic way to keep up to date with modern developments and great opportunities for networking.”

“I thought there was plenty of opportunity for consumers to have a role in the conference. I thought the balance was right and it was good to see that, in the consumer sessions, many clinicians and researchers also attended.”

“It was very informative (presentations, stands and posters), allowed time for meeting new people and networking with existing acquaintances.  A complete package for anyone working in or interested in cancer – a “not to be missed” event.”

“I find it inconceivable that someone involved in any aspect of cancer-related work or activity would not learn from this experience.”

 What they gained from attending

“Highly informative on the benefits of research and the progress being made in the provision of treatment modalities to prevent and treat cancers.”

“I had the opportunity to learn about different cancers with which I am not familiar with. Primary care research is having an amazing impact on the public perception of research and will hopefully increase awareness and earlier diagnosis will follow.”

“I learnt a lot more about how circulating cell technology is progressing, there was a fascinating talk on the pathways from GP’s to secondary care in Scandinavia and several brilliant sessions on radiotherapy.”

“I learnt more about the new immunotherapy treatments and the possible future trends in diagnosis and treatment.”

“As always, the conference sessions added additional layers of knowledge and understanding which help me perform in my various roles throughout cancer research.”