As part of our 2021 virtual conference – NCRI Festival: Making cancer research better together (taking place on 8-12 November), we are asking the community to submit their ideas on sessions they would like to see on the programme. We are looking for strategic questions and topics that might be of interest to the wider cancer research community.

Before submitting an idea, please make sure you read the form in full, and discuss with relevant others (e.g. panellists whose name you put forward) the implications of your submissions. Please pay particular attention to the question on how you’d envisage your session to be run – there are two options:

  1. Panel discussion – bringing together a number of experts to discuss a certain topic from various perspectives. The audience will contribute by submitting questions during the session.
  2. Co-creation session – a more creative process in which opinions and information are gathered from the audience in advance to answer a specific question or tackle a challenge. A facilitator will manage the session bringing in the various views which have been submitted, so the audience becomes part of the process when coming up with a solution.

Submissions will be reviewed by the NCRI office and Scientific Committee and will be offered to the relevant submitters (by the end of June) on the understanding that they will form part of the wider programme of activities happening during the NCRI Festival, and that the organisers’ (NCRI) decision on branding, duration, schedule and anything else will be final.

Please note: research abstracts will not be considered, but a call for abstracts for this event will open on 12 April 2021. Also, sessions promoting and/or endorsing any product, programme or service will not be considered.

Please submit your ideas by 18 April 2021. If you would like to discuss your idea further before submitting, please contact the team.

The call for ideas is now closed. Submissions will be reviewed and authors contacted as soon as possible in the upcoming weeks.