The NCRI Cancer Conference would like to celebrate our 15th Anniversary by introducing the NCRI Excellence Awards. Honouring research teams and other individuals who have made a significant contribution to cancer research.

We are pleased to introduce 3 categories: Collaboration Award, Impact Award, Innovation Award.
A special award will also be given for Outstanding Contribution to the NCRI.

Applications for the 2019 NCRI Excellence Awards are now closed. 


Collaboration Award: Celebrating the most successful partnership of the last 5 years This award recognises an individual or team who have collaborated across organisations, brought together interdisciplinary expertise or entered into a novel partnership (e.g. academics with pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, patients and carers, non-profit organisations, research funders and/or others) to achieve an outcome that would not have been possible if the partnership had not been created.
Impact Award: Celebrating the most impactful contribution of the last 5 years This award recognises an individual or team whose research has made an outstanding contribution to the progress of cancer research (e.g. in our understanding of cancer cells / pathways implicated in cancer, development of new therapeutics, delivery of clinical trials, patient recruitment, patient outcomes, policy, service delivery, quality of life).
Innovation Award: Celebrating the most innovative idea of the last 5 years This award will recognise an individual or team who have developed a cutting-edge idea or a creative approach to answer a research question (e.g. a new trial design, a new technology, a novel methodology, a new drug, a new application to an existing method etc.).
Outstanding contribution to the NCRI Award The Outstanding contribution to the NCRI Award acknowledges and rewards an individual whose work and dedication have made a significant contribution to the strategic goals and work of the NCRI partnership.
This is an opportunity for NCRI Partners and NCRI Executive to nominate an individual whose work with any NCRI committee, group or initiative has been outstanding and significant. Consumers are eligible for this award.
Whilst this award is also being judged by a judging panel, the winner will not be required to give a talk.

The application questions can be viewed here in advance.


Applicants (individuals or teams) can self-nominate or be nominated by submitting an application form. The application questions can be found here, please review these questions before starting a submission.
Awards are open to researchers/contributors providing complementary interdisciplinary expertise, working in the UK and living at the time of the nomination. The work/achievements considered should be relevant to the last 5 year period.

For team nominations it is expected that the majority of team members will be UK based. Awards will be presented to the winning individual or a nominated individual within the winning team but all team members are encouraged to attend. At least one individual per team is expected to be available on the evening of the event and to deliver a speech/presentation about their work (if relevant). Full terms and conditions apply.

Selection of the winner

Applications will be reviewed by a judging panel formed of partner representatives, strategy advisory group members, Consumers and scientific committee members. The most outstanding submission for each category will be invited to give a short presentation at the NCRI Cancer Conference.


All award winners will receive a commemorative trophy, an invitation to attend the NCRI Cancer Conference in Glasgow from 3-5 November 2019 and the social event / dinner on the night of the Awards Ceremony on 4th November 2019 (please note, the invitation is for one person per application only, terms and conditions apply).

Terms and Conditions

Please view the terms and conditions here