Kat Arney

Kat-ArneyFreelance science writer and science broadcaster
London UK

Dr Kat Arney was a key part of the science communications team at Cancer Research UK for more than a decade, with roles including writing for the charity’s award-winning Science Update Blog and regularly commenting in the national and international media on the latest discoveries.

Alongside this role, Kat is an acclaimed science writer, broadcaster and author. She co-presents the highly successful Naked Scientists BBC Radio show, presents and produces her own Naked Genetics podcast, and has fronted several BBC Radio 4 science documentaries including programmes in the Costing the Earth series. As a freelance science writer her work has featured in Wired, BBC Online, Guardian Online, Mosaic, the New Scientist and more, and in 2016 she published her first book – the five-star reviewed Herding Hemingway’s Cats – with Bloomsbury Sigma.