Conference testimonials

“All the speakers were very good presenters and were very engaging to all the backgrounds that were attending – the talks were very accessible regardless of background or prior knowledge.”

“There was a great selection of sessions running parallel to one another, so there was plenty of choice for what to attend.”


“Good opportunity to catch up/network with colleagues”

“Fantastic opportunity to help build my knowledge and understanding to better support my role as an NCRI Consumer.”

“The NCRI conference gives a great overview of cancer research in the UK, and worldwide – covering everything from basic science to clinical trials. Every year there will be at least one or two sessions highly relevant to my own work, plus many others that enlighten on developments in very different areas.”

“Attending the conference always gives me good update about progress in cancer treatment and further directions in current research”

“Best way to keep abreast of the broad spectrum of research and by far the best networking opportunities. It is also a chance to meet some extremely well-informed and enthusiastic patient representatives.”