Focus on the Scientific Committee

Lynda WyldLynda Wyld


BASO ~ The Association for Cancer Surgery, UK


About you

What area of cancer research do you specialise in and how did you get in to it?

My main interests are in how we treat older patients with breast cancer to balance optimal cancer care and minimise treatment morbidity

What inspired you to forge a career in cancer research?

I have always had an interest in research since I was at medical school and did an intercalated degree, then a PhD during my training and finally took a clinical academic post at the University of Sheffield

What have you been working on most recently?

The Age Gap multicentre trial of how we optimise care for older women with early breast cancer

What do you perceive to be the biggest challenges in cancer research?

Balancing the costs of the new technologies, which are undoubtedly going to make a huge impact on cure rates but may be beyond the reach of a large proportion of even the developed world’s budget and completely unattainable for the bulk of the world’s poorer populations.   Cost effective therapies and lifestyle changes to reduce cancer rates, especially as population aging magnifies our global cancer burden

What do you consider to be the most exciting development in cancer research at present?

Immunotherapies and our increasing awareness of epigenetics in cancer causation

What has been your biggest achievement to date?

Getting the Age Gap trial established


Looking forward to the 2017 NCRI Cancer Conference

What do you predict to be the highlights of this year’s Conference? We have invited some of the UK and worlds most eminent surgeons to present their work and these will be excellent sessions

What would you say to convince people to attend this year’s Conference? The congress will broaden your horizons and hopefully inject new enthusiasm into surgical cancer research

How will attending the Conference benefit students and those in the early stages of their career? It will be a unique mixture of surgery, oncology, research and basic science from top experts globally


Just for fun

 What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Walking my 2 very mischievous patterdale terriers!

Name three things you would take with you to a desert island.

My husband (he can make fire), a knife to make a shelter, (hopefully just for 1 night), and a satellite phone so I could call for help as I don’t like camping!