This session, chaired by Professor Michael Jenkinson, Chair of the NCRI Brain Group and Professor of Neurosurgery from the University of Liverpool, will focus on brain cancer research key strategic priorities now and in the future. Dr Peter Dirks from The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, whose work has been recognised with several awards, will share how his team is working to understand the link between stem cell biology, development, and brain tumour growth. They also study brain tumour heterogeneity and how diverse cell types contribute to tumour maintenance and therapeutic resistance, in order to develop new treatment options. Dr Dirks will discuss how his laboratory was the first to prospectively identify cancer stem cells in human brain tumours, contributing to a paradigm shift in understanding solid cancer growth, and putting emphasis on consideration of stemness properties in the study of brain tumours. Professor Jenkinson will share his own perspective and that of the NCRI Brain Group to make this conversation a lively discussion and one not to be missed by anyone interested or working in brain tumour research.

Who should attend?
Anyone interested or working in brain tumour research including patients and carers formally involved in research, scientists, medical/clinical oncologists, surgeons, early career researchers, nurses, allied health professionals, PhD and undergraduate students, research teams and research managers/funders


Jan 20 2022


12:00 pm - 12:45 pm