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NCRI Prime 2022/23

There is no charge to access the ‘NCRI Prime 2022/23’ sessions from the date you sign up to the end of the period (31 March 2023).

You can request a CPD Certificate for some of the sessions in NCRI Prime 2022/23 series.  Please check the event page for more information. CPD Certificates cost £15 per session.

No, some events on the calendar are not part of the NCRI Prime 2022/23 series and may incur an additional charge. Events that are included in NCRI Prime 2022/23 series are highlighted in purple.

No, each time a new session is added to the ‘NCRI Prime 2022/23’ series you will need to log back into your registration and select the session you’d like to attend. You will receive an email notification when new sessions are added. Please watch our video tutorial to help guide you through the process.

To register for a session please go to the calendar of events here, and click on the session you want to attend and then click the “Register now” button.

If you have already registered for a session in the NCRI Prime 2022/23 series we’ve created a number of video tutorials to help you add a new session to your booking and how to add a CPD Certificate to your booking:


Yes, the NCRI Conference & Events App contains all the information and tools you need to make the most of your time at our events. The App is used for some of our larger events to enhance your experience, allowing you to network with other delegates and access event materials. When registering for an event, you will be notified if the App is applicable to this specific event, and given instructions on how to download it.

Patient Experts

Our events are targeted at a professional audience but patients and carers formally involved in cancer research are welcome to attend. All events are free of charge for members of the NCRI Consumer Forum. If you are not part of the Forum, please note that some events may attract a charge to cover the costs. Please check individual events for more details.