Programme theme(s): Prevention and early detection
Programme session type(s): Lightning talks
Cancer sites: Oesophagus, Prostate
Interest for: Allied Health Professionals, Clinicians, Nurses, Trainees

Abstract title: Response rate and diagnostic accuracy of early PET-CT during neo-adjuvant therapies in oesophageal adenocarcinoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Presenting author: Clare Hannon


Abstract title: ReIMAGINE: A prospective prostate cancer risk study in the mpMRI era.
Presenting author: Teresa Marsden


Abstract title: Can MRI be used as a safe and expedient option for calculating Spinal Instability Neoplastic Score (SINS) for patients with metastatic spinal cord compression?
Presenting author: Patrick Hurley


Abstract title: Rhapsody Alerts – How Effective Are They?
Presenting author: Yasmin Nikookam