Programme theme(s): Immunology and immunotherapy
Programme session type(s): Live session
Cancer sites: Breast, Colorectal
Interest for: Clinicians, Scientists, Surgeons, Trainees

This session is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Promega UK.
They had no involvement in topic or speaker selection.
Chair: Dr Anna Olsson-Brown,The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre


Abstract title: CD4 and CD8 T-cells contribute to the efficacy of the T-cell redirecting antibody CEA-TCB and TGFβ dampens its activity in in vitro colorectal cancer models
Presenting author: Maria Semiannikova


Abstract title: Deconvolution of global gene expression profiles identifies differentially expressed immune-related gene profiles on aromatase inhibitor-resistant estrogen receptor positive tumours
Presenting author: Milana Bergamino Sirvén


Abstract title: Eosinophils are critical for response to immune checkpoint blockade in breast cancer and other cancer types
Presenting author: Hannah Garner