Programme theme(s): Big data and AI
Programme session type(s): Lightning talks
Cancer sites:
Interest for: Allied Health Professionals, Clinicians, Nurses, Scientists, Trainees

Abstract title: Development and validation of a multivariable machine learning algorithm to predict risk of cancer in patients referred urgently from primary care
Presenting author: Richard Savage


Abstract title: Deep Learning Auto-segmentation of Prostate Cancer from MRI data
Presenting author: Cheng S. Boon


Abstract title: Deep learning-based segmentation and quantification of temporalis muscle for sarcopenia assessment is an independent prognostic factor in glioblastoma
Presenting author: Ella Mi


Abstract title: Optimised radiation dose decisions using AI deep learning & reinforcement learning in small cell lung cancer.
Presenting author: Deva Reddy


Abstract title: Prostate  cancer detection using Artificial Intelligence in MRI
Presenting author: Reddy Reddy