In the interest of supporting excellence in cancer research, speakers at the 2019 NCRI Cancer Conference were encouraged to make their presentations available to participants. All presentations are copyrighted and some are password-protected and cannot be used or distributed to third parties without permission being granted by the authors.

If you were a speaker at the 2019 Conference and would like to make your presentation available to participants or have any queries regarding the availability of specific presentations, please contact the NCRI Conference and Events team.

The videos and presentations below are made available only according to the speaker’s permission. If the page you are trying to access asks you for a password and you don’t have it, it’s because the speaker only agreed to share their presentation with the attendees. All 2019 attendees should have received their password to access the presentations via email.

Please note: the videos and presentations below are best viewed in Firefox or Google Chrome.

Opening speech

Deconstructing K-RAS signalling in cancer: Identification of effective therapeutic strategies for lung and pancreatic tumours

Interventional pharmacoeconomics: A new discipline for a cost-constrained environment

Breaking the obesity-cancer link: New targets and strategies

Thinking outside the box for the early detection of cancer

Innovations in cancer drug discovery: A new opportunity for serendipity

mTOR and signalling in cancer

Population risk stratification for early detection and unintended consequences

Precision medicine platforms to guide patient management in gastrointestinal cancers: Promise and pitfalls

Future research leaders: A session exploring the role of NCRI with early-career investigators

Demystifying today’s science

Proffered papers 1

Digital pathology/machine learning

Artificial intelligence – does it have promise for cancer prevention and early diagnosis?

Bench to bedside: Immunotherapy

CTRad 10 years on – celebrating collaborative radiotherapy research in the UK

Proffered papers 2 (Prize winners)

Treatable but not curable: Cancer as a chronic disease

Mechanotransduction and invasion: The tumour microenvironment perspective

Metastatic dormancy

The changing face of clinical trials and trial endpoints – an evolution of trial design and endpoints

Could medically assisted dying be part of cancer care in Britain?

Best of Translational Science: Recent advances in colorectal cancer

Clinical Trials Showcase

Proffered papers 3

Robots: Hype or game-changers, including NIHR CREST Award presentation

Adoptive T cell therapy – CARs, TILs and beyond

Treatment of cancer in older patients

100,000 genomes and other cancer genome sequencing projects: experiences, discoveries and future plans

Immunity and radiation – Making cold tumours hot