2019 Plenary Speakers

All our plenary speakers are handpicked based on their expertise in the field; allowing them to share their groundbreaking research or discuss an important area of policy, as well as provide an overview of the topic. We’re excited to share some fantastic speakers with you for 2019, but make sure you check back for updates as we continue to confirm more!


Frederic de Sauvage
Genentech Inc, USA
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Nicholas Turner

The Institute of Cancer Research

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Mariano Barbacid
Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncologicas, Spain

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Mark Ratain
University of Chicago, USA

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Rebecca Fitzgerald
MRC Cancer Unit, Cambridge, UK
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Stephen Hursting
Nutrition Research Institute, North Carolina, USA
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Amato Giaccia  
Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology, UK
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Gillian Griffiths

Cambridge Institute for Medical Research