2018 Consumer Bursary Travel Policy

Bursary holders are able to book their own travel to attend the Conference or can provide the information on requirements to the NCRI Research Involvement Officer (consumers@ncri.org.uk) who will arrange travel on their behalf.

Please note, for budget tracking purposes all travel must be booked and costs incurred confirmed to the NCRI Research Involvement Officer no later than Friday 7th September 2018.

If a bursary holder chooses to make their own travel arrangements, travel expenses will be reimbursed after the Conference upon receipt of the original standard/economy class tickets and up to a maximum of:

England/Wales – 250 British Pounds (VAT included)

Northern Ireland – 200 British Pounds (VAT included)

Scotland – 100 British Pounds (VAT included)


If cost of the flight or train tickets is less than the amounts stated above, only the exact amount of the tickets will be reimbursed. For expenses beyond this amount, the difference will be at the attendee’s expense.

If a bursary holder submits a first/business class ticket, reimbursement will be at standard/economy class fares.

All claims must be submitted within two months of the last day of the Conference (i.e. by Monday 1st January 2019). Please note, subsistence costs will not be reimbursed except those stated in the bursary guidelines.