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2016 Press releases

Wednesday 9 November 2016

Researchers find key to drug resistant bowel cancer

Marker for aggressive prostate cancer doubles-up as a drug target

Tuesday 8 November 2016

Gold nanoparticles help deliver lethal one-two punch to cancer

One in six women diagnosed with breast cancer have a symptom other than a lump

Monday 7 November 2016

Adult weight gain could increase cancer risk

Gut microbes linked to immunotherapy response in melanoma patients

Saturday 5 November 2016

Brain tumour characteristics could help predict survival in people over 70

Understanding cancer worries could break down barriers to seeking help

Friday 4 November 2016

Tumour cells in blood samples could predict prostate cancer spread


NCRI Cancer Conference e-news

Sunday 6 November e-news & highlights

Monday 7 November e-news & highlights

Tuesday 8 November e-news & highlights

Wednesday 9 November e-news & highlights


CRUK blog

Sunday 6 November
NCRI Cancer Conference 2016: Day 1 – lung cancer and yeast

Monday 7 November
NCRI Cancer Conference 2016: Day 2 – blood tests, virus treatments, preventing cancer and more

Tuesday 8 November
NCRI Cancer Conference 2016: Day 3 – prostate cancer, iKnife surgery, evolving tumours and more

Wednesday 9 November
NCRI Cancer Conference 2016: Day 4 – liver cancer, obesity, immunotherapy poo predictions and more


ICR Science Talk

NCRI 2016: Collaboration and communication at the heart of future cancer research

NCRI 2016: Five reasons why we must prioritise innovative drug discovery to tackle cancer’s challenges

NCRI 2016: Why viruses could be the next big thing in cancer treatment

NCRI 2016: Could exciting new treatments to block cancer evolution halt drug resistance?

NCRI 2016: What we learned from the UK’s largest cancer conference


Breast Cancer Now blog

Highlights from the NCRI 2016 part one – surgical precision, worldwide challenges and words of wisdom

Highlights from the NCRI 2016 part two – boosting immunotherapies, improving patient care, and stopping evolution at its source


Worldwide Cancer Research 


BBC Coverage

Warning over non-lump breast cancers

Gut bacteria ‘may help drugs fight cancer’

Daily Mail

The 6p breast cancer pill GPs deny to thousands: Four in ten say they are not comfortable prescribing the drug despite it reducing the risk of the disease by 40%

Simple jab that could treat deadliest type of prostate cancer and spare men the side effects of chemotherapy being developed by scientists

How middle-age spread increases cancer risk by 50%: Men need to gain only 2st 7Ibs from teenage years to retirement to raise the risk